While many painters claim to do “faux finishes” most only mix a bit of paint with water or glaze.  Using only water based, environmentally safe products, Linda creates exceptional, high quality finishes in far less time and with more consistency, protecting both your home and your investment.  Included in her portfolio are: fresco, marble, stone/brick, aged plaster, antique patina, granite, limewash, parchment, tortoise shell, crackle, leather, and exotic woods.

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Animal Hide Crackle Bricks Cloud Crackle Imprint Clouds
Cordovan Crackle Faux Stone Frottage Pearl Glaze Grotessca
Imbedded Finish Large Crackle Leather Metallic Fresco
Metallic Tortoise New Pewter Imprinted Olde World Fresco Olde World Fresco
Pewter Stain and Seal Terracotta Tile Tissue
Stenciled Tissue Embossed Fresco Stenciled Leather Antiqued Molding
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